Our Team – Producers, technicians and audiovisual developers:

Patito is a team that coordinates highly qualified technicians and artists.

These great professionals love what they do and enjoy creating and advising the client on every step of the production process.

In Patito we combine preparation, experience and passion

Manager & New Business


Postpro Op.

International Projects Manager



Luis A. Ruíz / Manager & New Business

With Patito from the start. First as Production Manager and now as Managing Director. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in International Management by the Sorbonne Paris University.

After his Erasmus exchange in Berlin, he has lived in many countries, and he is the office polyglot: Spanish, French, English, German and a bit of Italian. Always a film-lover, he decided to continue his studies in theMadrid Film School (ECAM)

“I try to help create a production company where people can develop and grow as much as they wish”, he says.

He is the long distance runner of the office; this year he ran the Brussels half marathon and next year he will run a marathon… we shall see.

Izaskun Granda / International Projects Manager

Editor, scriptwriter, blogger and above all, our International Producer.

She speaks fluent English and French, and is now studying German and Gaelic… She is our ambassador ‘duckling’

She has overseen field production of our shoots in places such as England and Abu Dhabi.

Certified by the Madrid Film School (ECAM) in Television and Cinema Scriptwriting, she is a fan of London and the Brit culture. If this wasn’t enough, she is a photography and knitting enthusiast. We all wear her woollen clothing with fondness, but… don’t push her buttons, she was a referee in the tough world of basketball, and you can tell!

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