Our history – Audiovisual Production:

After an endless dinner made up of pizza, a group of ex alumni from the MADRID FILM SCHOOL (ECAM), looking at the audiovisual scene in 2008, decided to found “ProducccionesPatitoFeo” (Ugly Duckling). A few years later, and after evaluating the achievements so far, they decided they deserved to erase the “ugly” in their name.

Today, as we did from the start, Patito keeps offering fresh and accessible creativity for advertising formats and audiovisual content.

We are able to obtain high quality results by caring for detailed communication with our clients, and paying thorough attention to our works.

Through all of these years we have not stopped learning, connecting, proposing, growing, enjoying, maturing, working, travelling, improving, learning, renovating, adapting, loving, tiring, impassioning, and ultimately… creating and producing!

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