Estrella Galicia

Estrella Galicia

animation 3D and

Brand: Estrella Galicia

Forthe Moto GP sponsorship of Estrella Galicia in the Mediaset channels, the client wanted a piece with a new aesthetic that should transmit action and draw attention, using only 10 seconds for this.

We proposed the adoption of a dark,technological and futuristic aesthetic, inspired in the movie “Tron”. We conceived a dark stage illuminated by neon lights that circled the motorcycles, highlighting their speed, the movement and the technology. We recreated everything in a 3D environment, as in the Disney movie.

We wanted to take the bikes to a world of science fiction, to make them fly.

The client was sosatisfied, and the piece had so much public recognition, that they repeated the production of their Moto GP sponsorships with us the following year with a new creativity, that followed the previous year’s aesthetic.

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