Basketball Worldcup 2014

Basketball Worldcup 2014

Promotional video
Basketball Worldcup 2014
Grupo Mediaset

Creativity, animation 2D
and postproduction

Mediaset organised a contest to create the corporative promotion of the Basketball Worldcup that was set in Spain in 2014, and that would be broadcasted in its channels.
They needed an original and attractive design that would call to the audience and create support for the Spanish team, while obviously staying on budget.

We performed an intensive search for new styles and formats in other countries, trying to find a balance in quality, cost and aptitude for the target audience.

Mediaset’s satisfaction was such, that we, yet again, won the contest for this year’s Eurobasket 2015.
We have also established a good relationship for other projects.
We are very glad to see that the style and aesthetic of our piece was used by many other promos and sporting pieces by other television networks.

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