World Class Bartender

World Class Bartender

Dubbing in Spanish,
GFX Customization and Promo Edition

Agency: Precious Media
Brand: Diageo

Precious Media, the English content strategy and distribution agency, tasked us with the placement and customization of this show in Spain for a very specific target.

On top of a tight budget, it was required that the show be dubbed and adapted into the Spanish language and Spanish broadcast regulations.

After various negotiations we managed to broadcast the show in MTV Spain, an optimal channel for the target audience.

In addition to this we went through an intense process of motion graphics design to translate and adapt all of the lettering and GFX into Spanish.

Apart from editing to adjust the program to the Spanish regulations, we carried out dubbing in record time with a team of almost a dozen narrators.

Excellent reception from audience, both on television and online, and complete satisfaction of the distribution company.

The results and the whole negotiation and production process lead us to repeat the whole experience a year later with MTV and to start a partnership with Precious Media to adapt and distribute its vast programming for the Spanish audience.

We are now waiting for the next programme.

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